Amazon Pathways

We offer a unique, industry-leading Global Leadership Development Programme that is well-paced over a five-year period, or at your own pace according to previous experience. This is the fast track for ambitious students who see themselves in Senior Management roles. Amazon takes you there faster.

Amazon Pathways - your fast track to senior management.

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Step 1: Area Manager

  1. You'll step into your Amazon career as an Area Manager in a Fulfillment Center
  2. At orientation in Luxembourg you will gain the insight you need to manage entire teams
Kick off your career by managing and directing 80 to 100 members.

Start Something Big

Begin with 1 week of training in our European HQ

Think Big:

You'll enjoy exposure to unbelievable management opportunities.

Skills for life:

Amazon's Fulfillment & Operations are industry-leading. What you learn here will catapult your career forwards.

Step 2: Operations Manager

  1. You will move into the Operations Manager role. You may be given the opportunity to rotate into a different Amazon business type or site
  2. The teams you manage will grow from between 80-100 to 300-500 team members and your projects will be more European in scope
  3. Experience comes full circle: you started as an Area Manager, and now you'll be directly managing the next intake
Your innovation can and will impact Fulfillment Centers all over your region, your country, and across Europe.

Forge Partnerships:

With the help of technology and engineering teams from across Amazon, you’ll drive improvements in all kinds of Fulfillment Center processes.

Develop, test, build:

Experience cutting-edge technology and Amazon Robotics firsthand. Then deploy what works for you and your team: it’s your decision.

Own your space:

The results of your smart decisions will be visible and tangible enough for all to see.

This is where you step into the fast lane. Pathways candidates progress very rapidly.

Step 3: Operations Manager

  1. Either: you’ll be transferred to another Fulfillment Center to test your leadership skills in a different context
  2. Or, you’ll move to a role in a specialist project team, such as Transportation, to gain greater exposure and expertise
  3. Whichever Pathway you take, you’ll now be managing between 600 to 800 team members
Kaizen, amongst other advanced methodologies you acquired during your studies, will be put to good use here.

Grow as a leader:

Your decisions can impact positively on the lives of hundreds – even thousands – of Fulfillment Center associates.

Problem-solve away:

With other Pathway candidates, Fulfillment Center Senior Management, and whoever else you can find.

Get guidance:

Regular 1:1 meetings with your General Manager and experienced Pathways colleagues.

Step 4: Senior Manager

  1. Transform into an Operations leader by leveraging your analytical skills, operational expertise and leadership experience
  2. As a Senior Manager, you’ll lead larger teams to success through others, and regional or network initiatives
  3. Senior Managers can explore a full range of Operations roles such as Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics. Rotations could also mean change in business or location
Lead large teams, in one of the world's most innovative companies - all in a day's work.

Meaningful upward trajectory:

You’ve made great progress in managing thousands of team members, and the only way from here is up.

Get set:

More Fulfillment Centers are opening across Europe and the world. Which means more potential for you, and countless options for your forward progress.

Step 5: General Manager

  1. This is where you graduate from the Pathways Leadership Development Programme
  2. Director of Operations/General Manager: Emerge as a disruptive leader known for operational excellence and solid leadership skills
  3. You will now manage one or more sites in a region and apply operational expertise to lead a new business project or site
Fast track your leadership capabilities in a high growth environment. Then you'll be ready for senior Leadership roles.

What next? It’s up to you!

Once you complete Pathways, all kinds of opportunities open up for you across the full Amazon ecosystem.

Previous Pathway graduates are now:

  • – Directors of Fulfillment Centers
  • – Specialty businesses, such as Prime Now
  • – Customer Service Directors
  • – Senior Managers of Transportation Optimisation
  • – General Managers

What path will you take?


Amazon Pathways

Iris' Path

I was able to learn from peers around the world, work in a diverse environment, try, fail, and mainly be amazed. It’s always Day 1.

Iris Margulis

Iris Margulis
  • Senior Regional Manager, responsible for all the UK Inventory Control & Quality Assurance (ICQA) teams across 17 Fulfilment Centers
  • After only 18 months, joined the UK ICQA team as Regional Manager, covering five Fulfilment Centers
  • 15 months later, as Assistant General Manager, launched Amazon’s largest UK building – 2M square feet
  • In just one year, promoted to Senior Operations Manager to lead seven Operations Managers and 1,200 associates around the world
  • Joined the team that launched the first UK Amazon Robotics Fulfilment Centers
  • After less than a year, moved to Operations Manager, leading two Area Managers and 100 associates
  • Joined the Amazon Pathways Leadership program, starting as an Area Manager

Amazon Pathways

Rodrigo's Path

Pathways has been a fundamental part of my development as a leader, no other programme gives the opportunity to learn so much so quickly, while delivering so many cool things.

Rodrigo Zapata

Rodrigo Zapata
  • General Manager in a Fulfillment Center in KTW1: Sosnowiec, PL
  • After Pathways: General Manager in a Fulfillment Center in Wroclaw, PL, General Manager - Customer Service for Spain and Canada in Luxembourg, Senior Operations Manager - Customer Service Spain and Latin America in Costa Rica, and Senior Operations Manager - EU Customer Service Site Strategy in Luxembourg
  • Spent 7 months as an Operations Manager in Doncaster, UK
  • Spent 11 months as an Operations Manager in Leipzig, DE
  • Spent 16 months as an EU Transportation Business Analyst in Luxembourg, LU
  • Joined Amazon as an EU Transportation Business Analyst

Amazon Pathways

Sumegha’s Path

Pathways has given me people leadership experience at a massive scale, that I don’t think any other job or text book could have provided. It’s helped me grow, lead, manage, develop and inspire people to do more than they ever thought possible.

Sumegha Kumar

Sumegha Kumar
  • Director of Operations looking after 3 AR Sortable sites
  • In just 8 months, rose to become Director of Operations
  • Became Assistant General Manager in under a year
  • Promoted to Senior Operations Manager in just 12 months
  • A year later, progressed to Outbound Operations Manager
  • Joins Amazon as a Frontline Leader as part of the Pathways Operations Manager programme

Amazon Pathways

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How we're Different

We have Leadership Principles that all of us follow closely: they're precisely what makes us different. They're also how we keep on pushing the boundaries of possible, together.

See our Leadership Principles for yourself

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Amazon Pathways

Pathways Interview Process

If successful:

  • assessment

    Analytical test

  • Initial call with our recruiter

  • recruit

    Two 30 mins interviews

  • recruiter

    Two 45 mins interviews

  • Additional_Pathways_icons

    Berlitz language test

  • Additional_Pathways_icons

    Fulfillment Center tour & meeting with General Manager

  • offer

    Job Offer


Amazon Pathways

Availiable roles to apply for now:

  • Pathways internship - 2019

    For MBA, MSc or PhD level graduates, this programme is a unique, three year opportunity designed to fast-track both leadership capabilities and career progress. This hands-on role is the chance for ambitious candidates to get their foot in the door, lead large teams of hundreds, and make their way to senior management level roles.

    View Pathway Opportunites across Europe
  • Pathways Operations Manager - 2019

    For MBA, MSc or PhD level graduates, this programme is a unique, three year opportunity designed to fast-track both leadership capabilities and career progress. This hands-on role is the chance for ambitious candidates to get their foot in the door, lead large teams of hundreds, and make their way to senior management level roles.

    View Pathway Opportunites across Europe

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